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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Something Fun

One of the very few pictures of Pirate Baby taken at the hospital. So much of the five days we were there was a complete blur. I believe he was about 3 days old when I took this one. He was very jaundiced, so that lovely blue glow is called a Bili Blanket.
(And please admire my lovely purple pants.)

A friend (she knows who she is) suggested taking Pirate Baby's pictures with the same stuffed animal every month to track how much he's grown. It's great advice that I've followed, but I wish I'd had the sense to take his picture with it as soon as we got home from the hospital. Oh well. Live and learn, right?

*I bought the rhino Pirate Baby poses with when I was in college. I adore him, and I always swore that I would give him to my first baby. When Pirate Munchkin came along, the rhino was buried in a box in my basement, and she already had so many toys that I decided I'd wait for my first-BORN baby instead. So Pirate Baby is the owner of my beloved Rodney.

One Month
You can see he's still quite jaundiced.

Two Months
A little more alert, and actually fitting into his clothes!

Three Months
Just hanging out while wondering what his weird mother is doing.

Four Months
While doing this photo shoot (my, how fancy!), he discovered his feet for the first time.

Five Months
I forgot to take the five month pictures at the time, so when I remembered to get them done, he was almost 5 1/2 months. Oops.

Six Months
Mommy's Little Pirate

Seven Months
Daddy's Little Surfer

Each month, it takes longer and longer to get through these photo sessions because he's getting so active. This month, he was so busy that I had to switch the camera to video mode. The whole series of pictures is really fun, so I'll put those in a separate posting.


B. said...

I hate to make waves or anything, but I think the surfer look suits him a little more than the pirate look. :-)

MTGrace said...

The surf board pants are my favorite. I love them. I put them on him often.

Anonymous said...

What great advice, I love looking at his first pic, then comparing it to the newest one... you forgot how small they once were! Too bad your brilliant, smart, wonderful, fantastic (okay I'll quit) friend never had this great advice when her babies were that little... I really wish I had done it :(

MTGrace said...

Shhh... don't make any sudden movements. There's a unicorn...