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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I Did This Summer

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I never actually had a teacher give me that assignment, and I think I always wanted to. My summers as a kid were spent running around Jackson Hole, WY with my cousins. We had hidden forts in the bushes, snuck peas and raspberries out of my grandmother's garden, jumped on the neighbors' trampoline, went shopping, rode the Alpine Slide and went to the shootout. (I seriously need to write a post just about summers in Jackson.) I always knew the other kids would be jealous.

As an adult, summers aren't nearly as fun. For a stay-at-home-mom, summers are often a countdown to the day school starts up again. So when I got a chance to take a trip back to Montana to show off Pirate Baby - getting out of my routine, I jumped at it.

**Someone please remind me to try to cram that much stuff into a single weekend again! That was INSANE! I spent so much time trying to make sure I saw everyone, that I didn't even get to go to Sonic. {big tear} I drove past it, but didn't have time (or room in my stomach since we'd just eaten) to stop and enjoy my giganto cherry limeade. Oh well, next time.

But it WAS wonderful to see everyone. I only regret that I ran around so much I didn't take many pictures.

I did get some shots of the bigger highlights.

First of all, this is how my kids spent much of the weekend:

Eventually, the trip out there started to weigh heavily on the youngest member of our family. (The rest of us felt it as well, but as a baby, you get the benefit of being able to scream and cry whenever you feel like it.) In order to distract him, we introduced him to his first taste of licorice:
Hmmmm... this is interesting

Some time was spent screaming at the licorice and thrashing it around. Gotta teach that candy who's in charge!


This is good stuff, Mom!

Sticky baby!

The main point of the trip was to introduce my dad to his new grandson.

Grandpa has lots of hair to pull!

Grandpa trying to hold onto both grandkids at once. Not an easy task, trust me!

It was nice to see everyone. I've missed my friends and family there. I do NOT however miss the air pollution, noise, crazy rude drivers and over-crowding. I missed my quiet little town, people who aren't in a hurry to get everywhere, and my beautiful star-filled sky. I especially missed my animal babies, who were just as happy to see us as we were to see them.

As you can see, life has returned to normal around here:
Notice the new (non-fur-covered, non-stinky-feet-smelling) couch.
Also notice that Major Stede is on the FLOOR, not the couch.
(Brave Bonny, however, is another story.)

It's good to be home.

*Yes, my living room walls ARE orange, why do you ask?


B. said...

Trips back to our hometown are always crazy! So many people to see. I totally know what it was like for you, fun, but so hectic that you are VERY relieved when you return home again!

I love your new couch, especially the fuzzy little critter curled up on it. :-)