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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Kid in Me

I am very tired, and I should be in bed, but I just can't go to sleep until I mention where I got to go tonight.


To tell the truth, I was really not excited to go. At all. I had sort of ignored the dates it would be in town because I didn't want to deal with it. Then, Pirate Munchkin's best friend mentioned that she was going to the circus tonight. And then her mom invited us to go with them. I knew Surfer Pirate would rather jab ice picks under his fingernails than go, and the concept of going without adult companionship was really daunting. So, this sounded like a pretty good compromise. And as my mom friend put it "I need an adult to talk to."

So we made a night of it. We took the girls out for Mexican food, then off to the circus for face painting and cotton candy.

I didn't expect much.

I went to this same circus 8 years ago, and it was pathetic. Most of the focus was on the clowns - who were pretty darn boring. There were only 2 acrobats, and while what they did was impressive, they didn't do much. The highlight of the night was when the elephants were doing their show and one of them dropped a pile of dung in the middle of the ring. I didn't think any creature alive was capable of that much poo at one time!

I was completely blown away this year! I can safely say it was phenomenal - and that's just not a word in my general vocabulary.

I knew tonight would be different when they wheeled out the first part of the show - SIX live tigers! Beautiful and entertaining. There was a large dog show, a stunning motorcycle act, performing bears and elephants, contortionists and jugglers. And of course the clowns (who were still pretty boring). But the most amazing part was the acrobats. There had to have been at least 20 of them! They did so many different acts, too! From the ever-impressive spinning at top speed from a tiny strap wrapped around her head, to climbing and spinning from two large swags. There were women climbing, twisting and suspended from ropes while WEARING THREE INCH HEELS!!! But the most impressive part for me was the trapeze act. I was so amazed by all their tricks that I realized when they were done that my hands were actually sweating from the intensity! Again, the women doing the trapeze were wearing 3 inch heels! (And I have to admit the catcher was REALLY nice eye candy!)

The prices weren't bad either. Pirate Munchkin got a free pass at school, admission for me was $12. While the different activities for the kids were higher than I expected, the refreshments were very reasonable.

So, if you get the chance - go to the circus.

Next year, I'm putting Pirate Munchkin on the back of an elephant. And after my description of tonight's show, Surfer Pirate wants to go next year, too.