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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cheap Entertainment

I'm feeling too lazy to look for an appropriate picture of my dogs tonight. So, I went looking on the internet for pirate dog pictures, and got completely distracted by this adorable Lobster Dog.



Anyway. The pirate puppies did something really funny the other day, and I had to share.

Both dogs were sleeping on the couch (like they always do) when the following source of entertainment occurred:

1. Pirate Puppy was having a puppy dream and was growling.

2. Said growling woke Pirate Wench Puppy.

3. She assumed the growling meant there was danger afoot!

4. So she barked.

5. Which woke Pirate Puppy.

6. Both dogs immediately go into High Alert and in Ultra Protective Mode.

7. They go charging together to the back door to save the family from unknown threat.

8. Where they discover there is nothing out there and have to sheepishly return to the couch.

All because Pirate Puppy had a dream.