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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

8 Months!

What's that in your hand, Mom?

It looks really interesting.

Can I see it??

His ear isn't very tasty.

Getting kind of bored with this guy.

That looks like more fun over there.

But I'll give you one good shot first.

And now I'm OUTTA here!!

This looks like fun.

What else can I get into?

I finally just gave up and switched to video mode to catch all the action. Enjoy!


B. said...

He's so cute and happy! Must be nice to have a baby who can be happy when he's not in your arms. James would have been crying loudly, with real tears and everything, if I was standing there filming him instead of picking him up...

Anonymous said...

He is so fricken cute, and looks so happy! You're a good mama!